Dinosaur Fossil Dig KidDough Play Kit


Excavate the fun and dough-scover dinosaurs with the Dino Fossil KidDough Play Kit! These scented Sensory Kid Dough kits from Earth Grown Kids Doughs are sure to amuse and enrich for hours. Use sensory dough along with a delightful array of accessories to excavate your very own dinosaur fossil. Each kit comes with an 8oz tub of Cookies and Cream scented Sensory Kid Dough and a variety of themed play pieces.

Sensory Kid Dough kits use natural, non-toxic, food-grade ingredients so you don't have to worry if your kiddos decides to take a bite! These doughs are also washable (if your kid has gone through a slime phase you know how necessary this is!) and sanitizable. To sanitize simply take the dough out of its container and placer into a ziplock bag. Microwave the dough in the bag for 45 seconds and let cool. 

Ingredients: Flour, Salt, Canola Oil, Cream of Tartar, Organic Potassium Sorbate, Food Coloring, and Natural Fragrance

CHOKING HAZARD: not for children under the age of 3